23 Feb 2021
Tue 23 February, 2021
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Sun 28 February, 2021

2020 events in Nepal
Khim Lamichhane, a patient
23 Feb 2021 - 28 Feb 2021

Rare Disease Day 2021 in Nepal 23 February 2021 - 28 February 2021
Hosted by Individual patient advocate

Khim Lamichhane, a patient advocate from Nepal, has organised several events to raise awareness for people living with a Rare Disease in the country.

- Radio talk on EVEREST 93 radio station from his 11 years old son living with OI.

- I will also talk about rare disease in another FM radio.

- Writing an article about Rare Disease in a local Newspaper

- Writing about Rare Disease and Challenges of disabled people in a online news portal.

- Giving a conference to the wheel chair user about rare disease. It will be motivational speech including challenges in daily life of a wheelchair users.

Besides that, he will put posters about rare disease awareness in the medical college and hospitals in Nepal. He will also run a social media campaign to raise awareness for people living with a rare disease in the country. 

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Photos of the event